IATM Board shares recent topics and decisions

By publishing its recent meeting minutes online, the IATM Board aims to share current topics with a larger audience. Fostering exchange and open communication. What do you think of this approach?

What is the IATM Board up to? You may be wondering, what the Board is working on during its bi-monthly meetings. In order to provide an impression and enable exchange, the Board members decided to start sharing the most recent meeting minutes online. During the digital assembly held in December 2023, the IATM Board agreed on publishing the approved documents on its website. The goal is to carry current network topics and developments towards you.

Following their approval by all attendees of the following meeting, the minutes will be shared. They will be publicly available about two months after the last meeting. Interested parties can access them via the Board’s site. Only the most recent minutes can be downloaded. Past documents may be requested via email from IATM’s Secretary

Starting with its December meeting, you can find the complete minutes here. Among the topics were plans for our annual conference, and IATM’s communication work.

The International Association of Transport and Communications Museums is a vivid network enlivened by its members. No doubt, we are interested in your opinion: What do you think of the meeting minutes’ digital publication? Give us your feedback!