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Connect with IATM on our new LinkedIn profile!

We’re joining LinkedIn to connect with museum professionals and networks focused on transport and communication history. The newly opened account will serve as a virtual hub for enthusiasts, professionals, and curious minds alike!

Explore, Connect, and Collaborate

By establishing a presence on LinkedIn, the International Association of Transport and Communication Museums is fostering a community of shared knowledge, insights, and passion. We will be sharing news on the latest exhibitions, research projects, and activities offered by our members. Additionally, we aim to strengthen the active exchange on pressing issues, and recent developments in the sector. The site will also enable quick access to information relevant to the transport and communication community, such as funding opportunities and resources.

Join the Conversation

Engage in thought-provoking discussions, share your own experiences, and connect with professionals in the field. Our growing LinkedIn network welcomes you to be part of a vibrant community. We aim to develop our LinkedIn account as a vivid platform for exchange: Submit burning questions or current issues as well as news from the sector to start the conversation!

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