• IATM 46th Annual Conference in London

    Sunday 24 to Wednesday 27 September 2023 Hosted by London Transport Museum & London Postal Museum The Post-Pandemic World and the Museum What contribution must museums make in the post-pandemic society, especially communication and transport museums? The pandemic period has led to significant changes in visitor behaviour and patterns and has also led many institutions to question and redefine their purpose and role. Future proof both your thinking and your institution by joining museum colleagues from across the globe to share best practice, discuss current big issues for transport and communications museums and build your network and resilience. The 2023 IATM conference will look at three significant components for a…

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    Sunday 24 – Wednesday 27 September 2023 IATM 45th Annual Conference in London Hosted by London Transport Museum & London Postal Museum The Post-Pandemic Museum The 2023 IATM conference will look at three significant components for a sustainable museum in the post-pandemic world; relevance to the society around us, maintaining strong corporate relationships and how you turn your collections and locations into working assets.

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    With out first in-person opportunity to meet and work together since our Berlin conference in 2019, this year we are hosted by museum colleagues in Prague. Based in the city’s museums, we look at three key questions; our environmental sustainability in the face of climate change, the relevance of our museums to the changing society around us and what we have learned from the pandemic years. Accommodation at a discount has been arranged for conference delegates in the Hotel Belvedere in central Prague and close to all the conference venues, i.e. within 10-15 minute walk or 5-minute tram ride. Delegates are encouraged to extend their stay in this beautiful city…

  • Webinar: Exhibition “Back to Future. Visions of Technology between Fiction and Reality” – Museum of Communication Berlin

    The webinar takes you on a journey to yesterday’s visions of future technologies as imagined by pioneering creative minds. The images they invented as illustrations and postcards and in novels and films expressed the hopes, yearnings, fears, and discontents of their particular eras. Their works present fantasy scenes and very concrete ideas – and while some have now become unquestioned realities, others provide a fun insight into past ideas of our present world. In the four themed rooms Optimising Humankind // Boundless Communication // Conquering Time and Space // In Search of Another World, the exhibition takes an entertaining look at the history of ideas in 16 selected technological visions…

  • A drawing showing the glass structure of the Budapest Transport Museum with visitors in the foreground

    Behind the scenes of the new Hungarian Transport Museum project

    The IATM Webinar on Thursday 24th February, 1400 GMT/1500 CET will go behind the scenes of plans for the new transport museum in Budapest, introduced by Gábor Zsigmund, Deputy General Director of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport and IATM Board member. One of the most ambitious projects in Europe for a new Transport Museum is currently under preparation in Budapest. This presentation will introduce the project, the goals and how preserving our heritage enables us to advances sustainability and mobility goals. There are many examples around the world where a cultural investment has been the catalyst for the renewal of entire districts. In these places the urban…

  • How do you decarbonise your museum?

    IATM Webinar, Thursday 27 January 1400 (GMT) / 1500 (CET) In this first webinar of 2022, we will explore and seek to demystify what decarbonisation means for our museums, with the help of Mott Macdonald, global engineering, management and development consultancy, who made their own organisation carbon neutral in 2020. Transport and communications museums are important places for public discussion to take place on a sustainable future for our society. It is important that museums are not only lively forums for public information and debate, but are also actively working directly towards environmental sustainability for their own organisations through their supply chain, energy, procurement, working practices etc. This webinar is…

  • Santa standing between two red Routemaster buses at London Transport Museum

    You are invited to a festive IATM Christmas webinar

    Join us live from London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, London, on 7 December for a light-hearted exploration of Christmas across IATM museums, including Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne, the Finnish Postal Museum in Tampere and the German Postal Museum in Nuremberg. Live from London, the webinar will be hosted by Alex Grundon and explore the London Transport Museum’s Christmas merchandise with Head of Trading, Laura Mullins, and entertained in unique seasonal style by the Puppini Sisters harmony trio. Tuesday 7 December 2021, 11:30 GMT / 12:30 CET

  • Exterior view of Czech Postal Museum building

    Postal Museum Prague – The creation of a postage stamp

    This webinar shows the creation of postage stamps with an emphasis on their aesthetic value. The focus is primarily on postage stamps created during the Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic era and shows how the artist’s original graphic work is transposed to an engraving by line drawing and the mass production of stamps through wide variety of printing technologies.  The Postal Museum in Prague collects graphic designs, line drawings and other documentation for all Czechoslovak and Czech stamps, designs both used and unused. Within the last hundred years, the process of creating and producing a postage stamp has hardly changed. So in this webinar we introduce you to the living history…

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    Live General Assembly & Webinar, 4th November, Time: 11:30-14:30 (BST) /12:30-15:30 (CET) 11:30 – 12:30 (BST) IATM General Assembly – Annual Report & Elections to Board 12:30 – 13:45 (BST) Webinar: Handle With Care! Our Collections: a pleasure or a burden? Our collections represent a huge source of engagement and knowledge but at a significant financial cost. We collect for posterity but cannot keep everything. On what basis should decisions about retention or disposal be made? Three leading IATM museums – Kimmo Antila from Finnish Postal Museum, Frank Gnegel at the Communication Museum in Frankfurt and Peter-Paul de Winter from the Dutch Railway Museum – present case studies of the re-evaluation…

  • The building exterior of the DB Museum in Nuremberg

    Behind the scenes tour at the DB Museum in Nuremberg

    As part of IATM’s webinar series, join us for a behind the scenes at the DB Museum in Nuremberg, Germany. Hear from colleagues as they lead a tour around the Museum and reveal some of the more surprising stories they have to tell, such as the wedding ceremonies in a royal waiting room, parasitic wasps attacking moths and a secret bunker from the Cold War era! The team will give insights into the work they have been undertaking during the last few months with opportunities to ask them questions about their experiences. The tour will be lead by Dr Oliver Götze, Direktor DB Museum.