Skill Bridge

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What can YOU do with with 5.000 €?

Call of proposals:
IATM Fellowship programme SKILL BRIDGE

IATM fosters the direct and active exchange between members and encourages joint improvement as well as development of museum practices with the launching of its first fellowship programme.

All members and their employees are invited to submit their proposals. Take the opportunity to receive a funding of 5,000 EUR.
Here you find the entire funding agreement and in the following the essentials at a glance.

The main objective of the programme is to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills between museum professionals from all domains across national borders and to foster cross-national learning from best practice.

By funding joint projects under this program, IATM encourages museums and museum professionals from all institutional members to forge and enhance ties with each other. The projects can serve as starting points to develop a vibrant and wide network of shared experiences, know how and expertise.


  • The host institution must be a current member of IATM.
  • The fellow must be an employee of an IATM-member museum.
  • Host and home institution of the fellow have their registered office in different countries.

Funded are any travel and accommodation costs of the fellow up to 5,000 EUR. The costs will initially be borne by the home museum and will be refunded after successful completion and billing of the project.

Selection critieria
The IATM board will examine the project proposals on the basis of the following selection criteria. Please ensure that you address each issue in your detailed project description.

  • Viability and originality of the proposed project
  • Extent to which this project would contribute to improve museum practices or impact institutional decisions
  • Realistic milestones and objectives
  • Infrastructure to support the proposed project

Based on the criteria each proposal will be assessed on their individual merit and in a further step evaluated in relation to the other proposed projects to ensure a wide contentual range. If your proposal should not be selected, you are welcome to submit your idea again in the next year.

The selected fellows and institutions will be announced at the annual IATM conference  as well as on the website.

To apply for the fellowship, the following documents are required:

  • Application form (includes a detailed project description and an estimated budget).
    Download here (pdf)
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages)
  • Letter of interest of the host and the home museum

The complete application packet must be submitted via E-mail (pdf preferred) to

Questions? Ambiguities? Comments?
Do not hesitate to get in touch with We will also be pleased to assist you if you are looking for a suitable project partner.