Exhibit A: From Retro to Artificial Intelligence

What’s on at the world’s transport & communication museums? For its recent newsletter, IATM asked its members for current and upcoming exhibition projects. Not all of them could be shared via the newsletter (there were just too many!). Thus, we would like to highlight them in this five-part article series.

Advancing Technology?

Two new exhibitions take you from retro to artificial intelligence. Mastola – the Radio and TV Museum in Lahti, Finland, offers a journey through technological transformation, its societal and ecological aspects.

Retro or rubbish — Life cycles of electronics (Until 25 January 2026)

Image: Karoliina Redsven, Photo Collection of Lahti City Museums.

Explore the evolution of home electronics at Mastola’s ‘Retro or Rubbish’ exhibition. Witness the transformation of radio and TV mechanics and confront the alarming rise in electronic waste. A poignant journey through a century of innovation and its environmental impact. On display at the Radio and TV Museum in Lahti, Finland.

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The advancement of technology is also a big topic at ENIGMA – Museum of Communication in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their upcoming special exhibition brings artificial intelligence into focus.

Hi Human – Do You Trust Me? (March – May 2024)

The year 2023 was historic. The development of artificial intelligence took the world by storm. Queen Margrethe II mentioned it in her last New Year’s speech. And the Danish word of the year was ‘ChatGPT’. So, how do we humans relate to this new technology? Can we trust it? Artificial intelligence can see patterns that humans cannot. It can offer new solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Improve the world. But how far should we allow artificial intelligence into our lives?

We’ve been here before. Faced with technological breakthroughs that have provoked both concern and excitement. And not least, uncertainty about the human role and future. Think of the television, the telephone, the internet. Technologies that both assist and challenge us. In Denmark, we have great trust in each other. This trust has been disturbed by the technological development in artificial intelligence. The generative tools make it difficult to discern what is true and what is false. It challenges our view of ourselves, our intelligence and our perception of social relations between humans and machines.

Therefore, ENIGMA has put artificial intelligence on the agenda: Not as a traditional exhibition, but a dynamic exhibition where visitors can have their say. Seven themes, lead you through a definition, relationships between humans and machines to different questions. What exactly is artificial intelligence to us and how can we use it? Friend, personal assistant, a deceiver or protector of society? You can ask the questions that concern you about artificial intelligence. The exhibition invites you to participate and helps you critically take a stand on the potentials and dangers, that arise in the use of artificial intelligence.

Additionally, at four theme evenings, you are invited to ask questions to experts. Investigating how artificial intelligence can be both a helping hand and a disruptive force.
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Advancements in technology have lifted humanity very far. Even up into the air. The Finnish Aviation Museum in Vantaa is dedicated to this human dream and reality. All of your senses are invited to take in the history and present of flight.

Main exhibition of the Finnish Aviation Museum (open Tue-Sun; 31 May- 31 August open daily)

Entrance to the museum, photo: City of Vantaa
The flight simulator, photo: Visit Vantaa

Take flight with the whole family! In the heart of the Aviapolis area in Vantaa, near Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (HEL) two big exhibition halls await. Dozens of historical aircrafts will take you on a trip through the history of Finnish aviation! In addition, an audio guide accompanies you through the exhibition. You cannot travel to Finland physically as easily? 34 audio tracks make way for an auditive journey through the museum and aviation history. What you’ll miss in this case: Becoming a pilot yourself. Simulator flights are available by pre-order at the museum.
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Inspiring your work

If an exhibition sparked your interest or you are working on a similar topic, we’ll happily connect you. Museums in over 30 countries are represented within the International Association of Transport and Communications Museums. They share similar topics and can be extremely different in their approach. We want to provide you with a sense of the current topics and approaches in the institutions.

The next article focusing on art, architecture, and photography will be shared on 27 February 2024.