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Invitation to “Museums in Danger” by IATM President Joachim Breuninger

IATM President and Director of the German Technical Museum in Berlin, Joachim Breuninger, invites you to our 47th annual conference “Museums in Danger” in Finland.

Dear colleagues of the great IATM community,

We all meet in September in Finland on a great conference about “Museums in Danger.”

We live in a world of multiple crises. Among them, the current floodings due to climate change in the southern parts of Germany, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. They also include possible threats to museum collections, and added severe budget cuts because of economic crises and high public debts.

We want to face these issues together in Finland. Not in the way, that we lament the situation. But by talking about examples in our community that will help us to face these challenges in our institutions. We will emerge stronger from this conference for the upcoming difficulties we will face. For example, we welcome interesting speakers and talks. Yurii Savchuk, Director General at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War will tell us more about the situation of museums in Ukraine. We will also hear about emergency alliances in Germany as a good example for preparedness.

And last but not least, we will have the great opportunity to get a deep insight into the Finnish transport and communication museum landscape by getting around in Finland. A warm thank you to our hosting institutions, the Finnish Railway Museum, the Museum Centre Vapriikki with the Postal Museum and the Finnish Museum of Games, Mobilia – Museum of Car and Road, the Finnish Aviation Museum, the Lenin Museum and the Forum Marinum Maritime Center.

Registration is open now. Please register so we will see each other in September in Finland!

Joachim Breuninger