Exhibit E: A look (ahead) at Museum for Communication Frankfurt’s exhibitions

When IATM asked it’s members for current and upcoming exhibitions, it received numerous entries. Our five-part article series takes you around the world to many of them. This last article invites you to discover the Museum for Communication Frankfurt (Germany) now or in the future.

What’s on right now?

There’s only a few days or weeks left for some of the currently running temporary exhibtions. Here’s a quick look at them:

Hello, who is this? Slovenian and German mobile phone history(ies) (Until 17.3.2024)

View of the exhibition at Museum for Communication Frankfurt.

The exhibition tells the story and stories of Slovenian-German mobile phones and shows how mobile phone technology developed in both countries after the end of the Cold War. Showing similarities and differences, you may also delve in memories of your own.

Before mobile phones found their way into the (more or less) public, they went through extensive development processes. So it seems like a great fit that another exhibition takes on the famous first steps of almost any project.

Prototypes – It’s worth a try (Until 14 April 2024)

Prototypes help to visualise, explore and implement possibilities. The special exhibition shows how prototypes are created: Where do the ideas come from? How are they realised? And why does it hurt when they have to be discarded?

Off into the innovative process!

Anybody, who’s ever jointly worked on a project knows that arguments can be part of the game. And they are an important aspect of our life:

ARGUMENTS. An Approach (Until 1 September 2024)

A successful culture of debate is a prerequisite both for resolving private conflicts and for negotiating in society. It is essential for a vibrant democracy. The exhibition ARGUMENTS. An Approach looks at the developments, challenges and relevance of “dispute” from a historical, communicative, political and personal perspective.

Time to have an argument?

What’s next?

With some exhibitions coming to an end, they make room for new ones. Here’s a look ahead at Museum for Communication Frankfurt.

Volker Reiche. Comic artist and painter (26 April to 27 October 2024)

Volker Reiche: Herr Paul is painting (c) Volker Reiche

To mark his 80th birthday, the museum presents a major exhibition of Volker Reiches’ work: famous comic figures such as DONALD DUCK, MECKI or protagonists from the STRIZZ world of the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – a German newspaper) are chatting amiably with each other or having heated discussions.

Learn more…

Autumn is just around the corner – at least at the Museum of Communication Frankfurt. The exhibition team for the next show invites you to contribute to its exhibition via their “expotizer”. So you already get talking:

Speaking of sex (02 October 2024 – autumn 2025)

How have communication and perceptions of sexuality changed in the last 100 years? Speaking of Sex opens up a space for reflection, curiosity and dialogue about the most beautiful minor matter in the world. To kick off the year, the museum launched its Expotizer – the virtual extension of the exhibition. You are invited to engage via questions and blog posts. The results will inspire the exhibition concept.

Let’s get talking (soon available in English)

The museum also offers a large permanent exhibition covering media (hi-)stories on several islands.

Inspiring your work

If this permanent exhibition sparked your interest or you are working on a related subject, we’ll happily connect you. Museums in over 30 countries are represented within the International Association of Transport and Communications Museums. They share similar topics and can be extremely different in their approach. We want to provide you with a sense of the current topics and approaches in the institutions. 

This was the last article of our five-part series. If you would like to learn more about other exhibitions or museums, you can dive into the previous article or suggest one to us via email!