• The building exterior of the DB Museum in Nuremberg

    Behind the scenes tour at the DB Museum in Nuremberg

    As part of IATM’s webinar series, join us for a behind the scenes at the DB Museum in Nuremberg, Germany. Hear from colleagues as they lead a tour around the Museum and reveal some of the more surprising stories they have to tell, such as the wedding ceremonies in a royal waiting room, parasitic wasps attacking moths and a secret bunker from the Cold War era! The team will give insights into the work they have been undertaking during the last few months with opportunities to ask them questions about their experiences. The tour will be lead by Dr Oliver Götze, Direktor DB Museum.

  • Two children sitting in front of a computer creating a Tweet for Museum Takeover Day

    Digital learning to schools & homes

    All learning programmes in museums faced a challenge during lockdown as face-to-face formal and informal learning was locked down and a rapid move to digital needed to be made. This month’s IATM webinar looks at inspiring examples of the move to digital learning from the Berlin Technical Museum and from the UK’s Kids in Museums. Following an introduction to Berlin Technical Museum, from its new Director, Joachim Breuninger, we look at two digital learning initiatives, the the kids.digilab.berlin and the Junior Campus presented by Bettina Gries and Marcel Jahre. Kids in Museums promotes family friendly approaches in UK museums; CEO Alison Bowyer presents lessons in digital engagement for families from the Family Friendly Museum…

  • IATM logo in top left with a central black and white photo depicting the frontage of Brompton Road Underground Station

    Museums Go Digital with Hidden London and the Tank Museum

    In our March webinar, we share two case studies of museums moving to digital delivery; London Transport Museum turned its successful Hidden London tours of disused stations into online virtual tours to keep the programme and income alive during lockdown, while the Tank Museum, with one of the busiest museum YouTube channels, shares its approach to video production.  In this webinar you will be taken on a virtual tour of Brompton Road, a disused Underground station and WW2 bunker, on the Piccadilly line, be introduced to the business model for paid-for virtual tours and see how online platforms such as Zoom and YouTube can be used to deliver engaging museum…