IATM logo in top left with a central black and white photo depicting the frontage of Brompton Road Underground Station

Museums Go Digital with Hidden London and the Tank Museum

In our March webinar, we share two case studies of museums moving to digital delivery; London Transport Museum turned its successful Hidden London tours of disused stations into online virtual tours to keep the programme and income alive during lockdown, while the Tank Museum, with one of the busiest museum YouTube channels, shares its approach to video production. 

In this webinar you will be taken on a virtual tour of Brompton Road, a disused Underground station and WW2 bunker, on the Piccadilly line, be introduced to the business model for paid-for virtual tours and see how online platforms such as Zoom and YouTube can be used to deliver engaging museum content during lockdown and beyond.

Virtual Tours – the business model

Molly Jackson, Asst. Director Commerce, London Transport Museum

Building the digital audience

Chris Nix, Asst. Director of Collections and Engagement, London Transport Museum

i)              Quick move to digital – Hidden London Hang-Outs, sample 4 mins

ii)             Hidden London Virtual tour sample: Brompton Rd, 20 mins

iii)           Patreon and Membership

Video production – how to get started and my ten top tips

Nick Wyness, Head of Marketing and Engagement, Tank Museum

Discussion and Questions chaired by Sam Mulins, IATM President.

25th March 2021, 15:00 (CET)