Joachim Breuninger follows Sam Mullins as President of IATM

The International Association of Transport and Communications Museums (IATM) is welcoming Joachim Breuninger, Director of Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin (German Museum of Technology) as its new president. He was elected by the General Assembly on 25 September 2023 during IATM’s 46th Annual Conference in London.

Sam Mullins (left) and Joachim Breuninger on the Postal Museum’s mail rail.

“IATM is an intense network of communications and transport museums around the world with a sympathetic familial spirit. I feel deeply honoured to act as President of IATM in the next four years. I want to keep that spirit and develop the association as a knowledge hub for all its members. I am looking forward to welcome you all in Tampere, Finland to our next annual conference in 2024.”

states Joachim Breuninger. He succeds Sam Mullins, who left his position after 29 years as the director of London Transport Museum.

The board was also joined by Heidi Rytky from Finland. The CEO of Mobilia (Finnish Museum of Car and Road) is excited for the new task: “I love building the bridges, it gives perspective and strengthens expertise.
Finland is also the location for IATM’s next annual conference in 2024.