The International Association of Transport and Communications Museums consists of over 100 members from over 30 countries. As a member you join our global community of transport and communication museum enthusiasts.
Joining IATM will offer you access to a community of professionals in the field open to share their knowledge, collaborate and exchange, and much more.
The network is open to institutions as well as individuals. Learn more about the memberships below!

Membership benefits

  • Gain opportunities for networking and exchange of knowledge, best practices, and experiences around transport and communication museums,
  • Join a knowledge hub with a familial spirit,
  • Establish collaborations, partnerships and a community at national and international level,
  • Participate in IATM’s Annual Conference on recent developments in the transport and communication museums’ field at a discounted rate (also applies to all staff members of an institutional member),
  • Take advantage of our fellowship programme Skillbridge to develop your own skills, jointly improve museum practices and benefit from knowledge transfers between museum professionals,
  • Promote your work on an international scale and raise your visibility,
  • Stay informed on current developments in the transport and communication museums’ world,
  • Publish IATM’s logo and mention your membership “Member of IATM – International Association of Transport and Communications Museums” on your website and similar.

Membership categories

  • Institutional Members – Museums, permanent institutions conserving historical monuments or operate one or more historical means in the fields of transport or communication and are open to the public, government bodies, and networks
  • Individual Members – persons associated or formerly associated with museums
  • Honorary Members – nominated by the IATM Board according to its statues

Membership fees


Fee p.a.

Individual membership

45 Euro

Honorary Membership



The membership fee for institutional members is set according to the number of employees.

Number of employees

Fee p.a.

1-5 employess

150 Euro

6-20 employess

225 Euro

>20 employees

300 Euro


Please fill out our application form and submit it to Once we received your application, we will be in touch regarding the next steps such as the approval by our board and the beginning of your membership.