Exterior view of Czech Postal Museum building

Postal Museum Prague – The creation of a postage stamp

This webinar shows the creation of postage stamps with an emphasis on their aesthetic value. The focus is primarily on postage stamps created during the Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic era and shows how the artist’s original graphic work is transposed to an engraving by line drawing and the mass production of stamps through wide variety of printing technologies. 

The Postal Museum in Prague collects graphic designs, line drawings and other documentation for all Czechoslovak and Czech stamps, designs both used and unused. Within the last hundred years, the process of creating and producing a postage stamp has hardly changed. So in this webinar we introduce you to the living history of the creation of postage stamps.

The Czech Postal Museum will be the venue for IATM’s 2022 Conference from 28 August, following the ICOM Conference in Prague.

The tour will be lead by Jiri Strecha, Czech Postal Museum, Prague.

Poštovní muzeum video (high resolution)