IATM Virtual Conference

The annual IATM conference had been planned for London & Bristol from 27-29 September 2020 on the theme of ‘The Relevance & Sustainability of our Museums’. In light of the coronavirus epidemic, this has been postponed, provisionally to September 2021.

Save the Date for our first IATM Virtual Conference on Monday 28 September, a day of webinars on the theme of ‘Shared Thinking on experiencing the post-COVID world’ Join directors of transport, postal and communications museums from Europe, N.America and Australia to share new thinking, best practice and bright ideas on the new world after the Coronavirus epidemic.

Each webinar to be 1hr 15mins, with short 10-minute presentations, questions and discussion to be chaired by the host

We propose to invite other UK museums to join this conference through ALVA, AIM and Museums Association.

(all times are BST, Europe is one hour later)


0930 – 1045 – Webinar 1: Operating museums in an epidemic – what have we learned so far?

European museums share their experiences and lessons from the new post-COVID world

1100 – 1215 – Webinar 2: Alchemy or can digital content be turned into financial support?

Many museums moved into digital content during the COVID closure; is it possible to monetise digital streams/

1300 – 1415 – Webinar 3: Postal & Communications join together to explore the opportunities of COVID’s influence on communications

1500 – 1615 – Webinar 4: What will the long-term changes be for our museums?

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